Customer Acquisition

TANDA Digital’s animated brand awareness video showcases their LinkedIn and AI expertise with dynamic visuals that reflects their brand color, informative script, engaging soundtrack and ‘Leads Delivered, Success Achieved’ slogan. It positions them as a leader in digital agency growth. The video is design to capture the attention of the target audience.


Explainer Video

Motion Graphics 

Brand Awareness 


The video had to communicate the complexity of TANDA’s services simply and engagingly. The challenge was to balance simplicity and detail and ensure that the message resonated with the target audience. It required distilling intricate concepts into visually appealing, digestible elements while maintaining TANDA’s client-focused brand. To achieve the goal, we worked with Guy Studio.


Our 28-second brand awareness video for TANDA Digital successfully distilled their complex services into a compelling, viewer-friendly format. This project boosted their brand recognition, drawing a broader audience to explore their innovative approach. The dynamic blend of visuals and clear messaging in the video played a key role in enhancing TANDA Digital’s market presence.

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