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Is An Animated Explainer Video Worth Your Money?

Are you considering a video for your business?

If so, you’re probably wondering if they’re a good investment and what results you can expect from using them.

One study showed that 84% of customers make purchases after watching an explainer video.

Whether you’re a small business owner or in charge of the marketing department for your company, you have likely thought about investing in an animated video once or twice.

Here’s what you need to know about this type of video and decide if they’re worth your money.

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What Is An Animated Explainer Video?

It is a video that designes to define a brand’s product or service clearly. Ideally, they walk you through a particular process, educate your audience about a topic, or can be used to train your employees.

Like other types of videography, when done correctly, an explainer video can transform the way your audience feels about your business.
In most cases, computer animation is used to digitally generate images that best represent the topic of your video. Technology, skill, and experience are required to correctly execute this video.

Benefits of Animated Videos

They Show Your Story Instead of Telling It

Instead of telling your audience what your product, brand or service is all about, show them! It is the perfect way to tell your story, especially if you want to highlight an event you just hosted. They’re the perfect medium for showing and telling your audience what you need to convey about your product, service, or brand.

They Match The Attention Span of Your Audience

Most people have a concise attention span (some as short as 2 seconds!), so your video must capture interest immediately. Most explainer videos are under 2 minutes and get to the point. The goal is to explain your theme/topic while maintaining engagement clearly.

They’re an Engaging Way to Explain Your Service/Product

Explainer videos combine visual and audio power to explain products, brands, and services easier. Combining video and audio improves retention because it’s a two-for-one punch. Instead of using one over the other, you’re using all tools at your disposal.

It Saves You Time

Do the most you can with what little time you’re allotted. That’s what explainer videos let you do. Instead of walking your audience through your ideas, an explainer video teaches and engages simultaneously, thereby saving you time.

95% of People Watch Explainer Videos To Learn About Products & Services

Don’t miss a chance to capture the attention of 95% of your audience. That’s the percentage of people who watch an explainer video to learn about a new product or service. Another powerful stat is that 81% of people are convinced to buy a product or service after watching an explainer video. If you want potent outcomes, use this kind of video.

They Make Your Content More Sharable

Animated videos also make your content shareable. Unlike other types of videography, animated videos are extremely shareable because of their length. Social shares benefit your business, even if they don’t rake in sales. Brand recognition is still important in the digital age. Make sure you control your brand’s online presence with a compelling animated video.

They’re Cost Effective

From a cost perspective, explainer videos are extremely reasonably priced. If you’re looking for a total return on investment, animated explainer video pricing is even more appealing. Considering the improvements the right video could make to your search engine results, social media boost, lead generation, and conversions, you can easily create a case for investing in this kind of video.

They’re Reusable

Want to improve your marketing messages online? Then explainer videos might help you out. They can be reused in email newsletters, presentations, trade shows, and other areas of your marketing.

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Who Can Use This Type of Video?

If you’re wondering if this type of video is right for your business, there are a few industries that benefit the most from these types of videos.

Computer Software & Internet Industries
Tech is complicated; the video makes it easier to understand. Internet startups, mobile app developers, and computer software companies all benefit from such video.

Healthcare Companies
Explainer videos are popular among companies that provide medical and healthcare services. Amp up your brand awareness and improve communication with the video.

Finance Companies
Show your creativity and differentiate yourself from your competitors. It is stylish! Convert prospects into customers with a high-quality video.

Manufacturing Businesses
Customers seeing how your company works is important. As a manufacturing company, you are transforming materials into finished goods, making the process complicated to an untrained eye. However, an animated video can easily explain the process.

Nonprofit Organizations
Explainer videos are profitable for nonprofits. Show your services to potential donors with an engaging video. Your audience is listening closely to what you have to say. Make sure what you’re saying is worth their time and your investment with an exciting 3D Animation video.


A skilled video service helps you quickly create a quality video based on your budget. Look for a company with the experience needed to create a high-quality explainer video. Grow your brand with a suitable format by considering this type of video.

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