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7 Essential Reasons Why You Need

Event Photography

Business events are full of activities to plan and people to impress. In the chaos of planning your next special event, you might overlook hiring a pro for event photography. Don’t!

As a professional business, you need to present your event professionally.

Not convinced a pro can do a better job than an intern with a camera phone? Then consider a few reasons why you need corporate event photography services.

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What Is Event Photography?

Event photography is a specialized type of photography that involves photographing guests at events or any occasion where capturing your crowd is essential. The event’s images are important because they document what happened, who was there, and how everyone interacted. As we will see, there are many benefits to investing in event photography. In this post, we’re focusing on corporate event photography in particular.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Need Professional Event Photography Service

Reason #1. Content for Your Blog

Now is the best time to get started if you aren’t already blogging on your website. Event photography is critical to highlight how amazing your event was. Do a blog post recapping how great a time everyone had and what the big takeaways were.

Capture the attention of potential guests to your next event or give your guests the thrill of seeing themselves in professional photos.

Professional event photography highlights the best parts of your event in a format everyone can digest.

Reason #2. For Future Events  

Have you ever checked out photos of an annual event before you decided to buy tickets to this year’s event? Then you know why professional event photography is important.

Photos of your event can sell tickets when captured by a professional.

The proper photo gallery can show how extraordinary your venue was, how fun the vibe of your event was, and what they can expect when they show up.

Sell tickets with professional photography.

Reason #3. To Tag Event Partners

Event photos are equally important if you want to improve your network. Tagging other companies, brands, or business owners in your photo gallery on social media is an excellent way to strengthen your partnerships.
You can also tag guests!

Tag as many guests as you possibly can to remind them of how fantastic the event was and give them an easy way to connect with your brand online.

You can also ask your guests questions about their favorite part of the event. Don’t hold back from connecting with your audience online after your event. You’ll be surprised by how the right pictures make engagement easier.

Reason #4. Share them on Social Media

Building off the last point, you can easily share professional event photos on your social media channels. You can make it exclusive by sharing your gallery to your guests directly, allowing them to download and share it how they like.

The more guests who download your gallery, the more shares you get! It’s a great way to promote your event.

Ask anyone who shares a pick to tag your business and bam! You have instant FREE marketing right at your fingertips.

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Reason #5. A Corporate Photographer Makes Your Event Look More Authentic

Want to show off how your event actually went down? Hire a professional event photographer!

Research shows that people feel more connected to candid photos than staged ones. When you use a photographer for your event, they’ll know how to capture authentic images that speak to your audience.

Predicting when someone will laugh, walk, or speak is part of what pro photographers do. To begin with, the skills, patience, and knowledge of how to take candid images is just as crucial as taking these images. Lighting and other creative visual elements are also taken into consideration.

You need professional photography services if you want high-quality images from your next event.

Reason #6. So You Can Focus On Your Event

Taking team photos, capturing your keynote speaker, or snapping images of your guests can be a creative and mental drain if you’re running a special event.

Hiring an event photographer takes this task off your shoulders.

They’ll ensure every critical moment is captured while you network and chit-chat with your guests. Do what you need to do at your event and get the photos you need by hiring the right professional for your event.

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Reason #7. Photographers Can Help With Promotion

When hiring an event photographer, you’re hiring a marketing pro. Not only do they take the best images, but they also promote the event on your behalf!

From posting the event on their own social media accounts to helping create content for flyers, newsletters, and videos, you can count on the right photographer to give you something to post.

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