Sea the plastic – Photo manipulation



Environment protection, Education.


Our role:

Concept Development, Photo Manipulation, Graphic Design.

Our team at FaceCraft, in collaboration with Pauliina Rasi Communications wanted to draw the public’s attention to this issue, which many are aware of but too few take action to resolve. We launched this campaign to reach people through emotionally captivating images to wake them up to the threat the marine environment is facing. The campaign approaches the issue of plastic in seas and oceans through text and images to speak both to our rational brains and to our hearts. The images of the campaign have been produced by combining two or more images to bring to life issues that are hard to illustrate but that impact the life of billions of fish and sea creatures. The images act on a subconscious level, impacting the way people think and feel about the issues in question and nudge us to take action and change our behaviour. Photo manipulation is about integrating two previously completely unrelated images so that together they convey a completely new message. An excellent example of this is the combination of the images of plastic bags and sea jellyfish. Often used as materials for marketing efforts, photo manipulation has its own ‘magic’ to attract your audiences’ attention. If you want to know more about this ‘magic’, contact us now; we are happy to assist you from the scratch.

Sea the plastic -1
Sea the plastic - 3
sea the plastic - 6