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As the premier make-up contest in Switzerland, SwissCreative Make-up Contest (SM’UP22) offers a chance for Swiss and Western European artists to show the best of their talent. Real works of art were created for the event, which had to be presented as authentically as possible – respecting the expectations of the event and the creative artists.

Our photography and videography services also cover events like academic and corporate conferences, seminars, live events like fashion shows and concerts.




Our role:

Video Broadcasting, Event Promo Video,
Highlight Video




“Videography are all arts in their own right, but I can imagine that capturing the work of make-up artists is not the easiest task. However, the FaceCraft team managed to capture an authentic and visually striking image of our event, while allowing the make-up artists and models to do their work unhindered.”



Marguerite, Event Director of SM’UP

Work Product