Pauliina Rasi Communications – Explainer Video


Corporate communication

The world’s leading brands are using animation explainers and you should too. Why? Because they simply WORK! Talking about brand awareness, sales conversion, shareability etc. animation is a powerful tool that can deliver these matters. We will be with you from the very beginning, from concept development, to script, and the final product. Among other elements that we focus on in developing the animation are; corporate colour and the characters identity in the animation. After all, the animation should reflect your brand as well as your target audience. Do you need animation for your YouTube campaign, guides, or training videos? Contact us to discuss the details.




“FaceCraft knows how to turn an interesting story into a captivating video! With a flair for storytelling, the team captures the feelings and uniqueness of their client and distils the essential elements into audio-visual storytelling that makes an impact. Whether you need a brand video or promotional material, I can warmly recommend the FaceCraft team. In addition they also take care of photography which makes complex and often laborious communication projects run smoothly!”



Pauliina Rasi, CEO & Founder, Pauliina Rasi Communications