We Make Your Life Memorable

In many scenarios, a combination of photos and videos is a solid way to preserve your memory of a beautiful event and/or to boost value of your business. Weddings, birthday parties, corporate occasions, behind the scenes of an event, or simply for social media marketing use; we love seeing videos due to the deep connection it creates, and it triggers even stronger emotional responses when matching together with photos.

Weather you are a private person, or a business, we are ready to hear you out. Our experts will consult you on the concept, script writing, shooting style etc prior to the shooting day. The whole process is a journey where people usually start to discover more about themselves or the product they want to sell. What you get from us is not ‘just photos and videos’ but also experience. If you have your marketing team ready and already have a concept, we are happy to assist you with the technical aspects of your project.

Special Offer for Small Businesses

We too are not big, that is why we understand you. Here is our gift for you, an excellent package to help your organisation look more professional and presentable in the market.
– 10 professionally retouched business and marketing photos
– Only for small businesses and charities
– 20 unedited business and marketing photos
– Flexible payment plan (installment possible)
– One 30 sec. – 40 sec. marketing, corporate or promotional video

*Every additional edited photo: CHF 20.00
*Every additional unedited photo: CHF 10.00
*For a medium or multinational company, please contact us.

Tell us how we can help, we would be happy to assist you.