``Nothing Ever Becomes Real Till It Is Experienced`` - John Keats

We mentioned a few times in this website that a photo shooting session with us is an experience and a journey. We do not say this as a marketing hype, rather we truly believe in it. With nowadays mobile phone technology, making a photo is just one click away. But, is taking photos with mobile phones an incredible memorable experience for you? Well, it is a debatable subject for some, so let us walk you trough the ‘experience’ of photo shooting at FaceCraft.

As a part of the pre – shooting process, we surely would like to get to know you a bit better like, what are your favourite colours, what do you plan to wear or if there is any special occasion. We do not mean to interfere your privacy but this information will be channelled to our photographers, makeup artists and hair stylists in order to create a whole look including location, makeup and styling. During the shooting day, we want you to feel comfortable, hence time is relative. We understand it is not an easy job to be in front of the camera. Our team is there to guide and assist you with posing and choosing photos.

Your photos will then be retouched by either our experienced photographers or our retouchers who have their work published in several magazines. We will make sure that your photos are not just ‘awesome’ for social media, but also worthy to be hung on the wall. Regardless if you come as a romantic couple, a loving family or a charming individual, the journey with us is for everyone to enjoy. Remember, we offer you an experience, maybe once in your lifetime, not just a photo shooting. The experience starts from CHF 99. Contact us now for a personalised quotation.

Tell us how we can help, we would be happy to assist you.