FaceCraft is a photography and videography studio in Luzern Switzerland. Our offer ranges from makeup to post-production consultation. Our journey started as a small beauty studio, now, our team consists of experienced photographers (one is Certified By Leica), videographers, makeup artists who have experience in TV and film productions, talented fashion stylists, and retouchers with published work. We do not sell ‘just another photo shooting session’, we are offering you an experience to be in ‘the’ moment, and for us to capture ‘the’ moment.

In addition, as a business entity, we understand how impactful photographic material can be for your business. We often describe our services for B2B as ‘visual solutions’ for your organisation. Be it for organisational or marketing purposes, we are here to assist you by providing a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs and budget.  Our corporate client portfolio includes an educational institution, fashion and beauty establishments, NGOs, and corporate and financial companies.



There are times when photography is used to capture moments and emotions; and sometimes, we take photos to promote our businesses. A visually pleasing image is a powerful tool to tell a story, to persuade the buyer and to boost your confidence. Whatever reasons you may have, we are here for you.


In a digital world, video content is a very effective and important way to deliver messages. We can deliver a variety of content, which can be creative and fun, deliver professional messages or documenting an event or a process.


In our studio, here in Luzern (Lucerne), makeup is a routine practice that complements our photo or video shooting. But, this should not be the reason for you to get yourmake up done. Contact us, for more information.


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